Carl's Jr radio spot sneaks around TV ad ban

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr has come up with a novel way to get around the New Zealand ban of its American TV commercial.

The Commercial Approvals Bureau banned the restaurant’s Memphis BBQ Burger ad from broadcast here because it uses sexual appeal in an exploitative and degrading manner.

The CAB also says Carl’s Jr is using sex to sell an unrelated product.

Restaurant Brands chief executive Russel Creedy says he did not expect the ads to be banned and the company wants to use the same marketing DNA for all New Zealand advertising.

“The objective of our advertising is to cut through the clutter and reach our target audience of young hungry guys.” 

The company ran the advertising online and through social media earlier this year. However, it is now also using ad agency Special Group to create racy radio spots that detail what happened in the banned ad.

They are voiced over by an American and describe two girls eating Carl’s Jr’s products. 

Special Group creative director Tony Bradbourne says it is a challenge to let people imagine visually with radio. “Sometimes restrictions like that really push you further.” 

He dismisses concerns the new radio ads may also be banned. “It’s just great humour which is on tone and on brand for our audience.”

The agency adopts material from the US on a product-by-product basis.

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