Chlöe Swarbrick hot, Hayley Holt not as Greens name 2017 initial list

Party puts 20-somethings high-up as it guns for the Millennial vote.

The Greens revealed their 2017 initial list this afternoon, and it sees 20-somethings catapulted up the order in an apparent bid to target the Millennial vote.

Based on current polling, which equates the Greens would maintain their current number of MPs (14), it means the party would have three newcomers in the next Parliament: 

1. Chlöe Swarbrick, the 22-year-old who placed third in the Auckland Mayoral race with 29,098 votes (some distance behind Phil Goff on 187,822 and Victoria Crone on 111,731 but well ahead of the more experienced John  Palino, Mark Thomas and David Hay); 

2. John Hart, a Wairarapa organic sheep and beef farmer who has built a solid following on social media; and

3. Jack McDonald, a suit-and-tie wearing 23-year old who identifies with Taranaki and Te Ati Awa iwi, and who built a profile through his campaigning against the Kapiti Expressway (now under construction). He works part time as chairman of the Paekakariki Community Board.

Iranian refugee and human rights lawyer is Golriz Ghahraman is at number 15, putting her on the cusp if the party's polling improves.

One of the Greens' higher profile members over the past year, Dancing with the Stars dancer turned Back Benches co-presenter Hayley Holt, is modestly placed at number 29. Ms Holt reportedly told party delegates she wants to concentrate on finishing her arts degree and is more focused on the 2020 race.

The biggest loser is current list MP David Clendon. The bulk wholefoods entrepreneur falls five places to number 16, meaning he will likely exit Parliament if party members approve the draft list.

Mr Clendon's best hope is that if the party sticks to the letter of its gender quota rules then, as commentator David Farrar notes, it will actually have to execute affirmative action in favour of males. As things stand, the Greens have overshot their female quota and males are under-represented.

Green Party 2017 initial list

  • 1    Metiria Turei (nc)
  • 2    James Shaw (+11)
  • 3    Julie Anne Genter (+5)
  • 4    Marama Davidson (+11)
  • 5    Eugenie Sage (-1)
  • 6    Jan Logie (+4)
  • 7    Gareth Hughes (-2)
  • 8    Mojo Mathers (+1)
  • 9    Jack McDonald (+11)
  • 10  Barry Coates (+6)
  • 11  Kennedy Graham (-4)
  • 12  John Hart (+5)
  • 13  Chlöe Swarbrick
  • 14  Denise Roche (-1)
  • 15  Golriz Ghahraman
  • 16  David Clendon (-5)
  • 17  Teanau Tuiono
  • 18  Leilani Tamu
  • 19  Teall Crossen
  • 20  Chris Perley


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