Compromise proposed on Labour's "Man Ban"


Labour's women's affairs spokeswoman, Sue Moroney has a compromise plan on the "Man Ban" to take to the party's annual conference in November.

Ms Moroney said her proposal would select candidates based on their character, not gender.

"It says that all of our candidates no matter what gender will have to pass a certain criteria before they're even going to be considered and then we'll make sure that they're competent and they're not Aaron Gilmore, " she told TV3's The Nation.

Political commentator Chris Trotter said the "Man Ban" has become another distraction and a leadership test for Labour leader David Shearer.

"It's now turned into a test for David Shearer can he get this rolled or will the conference roll him?" said Mr Trotter.

ABOVE Sue Moroney talks to Duncan Garner on The Nation.

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