Council must audit consented buildings quickly – insurers

Insurance Council says any buildings identified with building consent defects must be independently reviewed.

An independent audit must be carried out immediately on any Christchurch buildings which have been incorrectly consented.

Insurance Council insurance manager John Lucas says any of the buildings which were the subject of incorrectly signed off consents must be audited and quickly.

Any delay would mean costs for insurers, the city rebuild and the economy.

“Whatever the outcome of today’s meeting between the council and the government what we want is certainty with the legal framework.

“If there isn’t you could end up with the situation where a building is under way but could be challenged halfway, or could be completed but it can’t be signed off.”

Any buildings in this situation must be independently reviewed.

“There’s no justification for posturing. It needs to be soon.”

Mr Lucas says he has faith that the outcome of today’s meeting will be robust.