Court Report: More Masala misgivings

Hamish McNicol talks about computers with no hard drives and why Masala could be in further trouble. With special audio feature.

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People linked to the Masala Indian restaurant chain could be in further trouble after liquidators accused them of further contempt of court.

Four people were recently given 10 days to provide up to 200 boxes of information to liquidator Waterstone Insolvency.

But this week it was alleged they have failed to do so, although the respondents say they have met the requirements.

Accusations of computers with missing hard drives, affidavits which are “simply not true,” and even a director who says he was “deceived” into his involvement with the Masala group were aired in the High Court at Auckland.

Justice Matthew Palmer was not prepared to order contempt on Wednesday, which can result in prison time, but a new deadline for compliance has been set.

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