Crown fails to jail Dotcom

US and Crown lose bid to revoke bail but tougher conditions imposed.

The US government and the Crown have failed to put Kim Dotcom back behind bars.

In the Auckland District Court Judge Nevin Dawson had been asked to either return Mr Dotcom to custody or impose electronic monitoring.

But at the end of a three-day hearing, Judge Dawson said today he is not satisfied that Mr Dotcom is a flight risk.

Stricter conditions were imposed, however, including that Mr Dotcom only reside at his Coatesville mansion and report to the North Shore District Police station on both Mondays and Fridays.

The judge has also put a ban on the use of helicopters, by sea, or air except by way of public transport.

His passport continues to be held by the Auckland District Court.

The judge said it was argued that Mr Dotcom had access to funds that would facilitate flight, that he amassed $200 million in assets and that about $40 million passed through his hands, not all of which he can account for.

However "Mr Dotcom properly and candidly concedes he could have put this [money] away for leaving but denies he has done so and did this on oath," the judge said.

The judge said there was no need to return Mr Dotcom to custody or increase electronic monitoring.

However, the judge imposed new conditions based on the closeness of Mr Dotcom's extradition hearing date and his access to funds.

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