Cyber head Paul Ash to lead innovation trip to Israel

The delegation follows a successful 2016 visit to the centre of the cyber innovation world.

A new cyber-security business delegation to Israel in June will be led by Paul Ash, the director of the National Cyber Policy Office.

The visit is planned between June 23-29  to Tel Aviv. Trans-Tasman Business Circle managing director Johnny Weiss says the visit will promote international collaboration in new cyber-security products, services and strategies to enhance and secure New Zealand’s economy.

“We are honoured to have Paul Ash lead this most important group. It follows the historic New Zealand innovation delegation to Israel led by Spark CEO Simon Moutter, Mr Weiss says.

“Mr Ash will bring a huge amount of experience and knowledge to the group and we look forward to having him share New Zealand’s story in Israel during the visit,” he says.

The visit will coincide with the highly acclaimed Cyber Week in Tel Aviv. Israel is recognised as a global hub for innovation, start-ups and venture capital and has become a leading centre for the development and commercialisation of cyber-security products and services.

In 2016, 365 Israeli cyber-security companies raised over $US800 million in investment (representing about 15% of all capital raised in the industry globally). Israeli companies command about 10% of the worldwide cyber-security market generating over $US9 billion in export revenue annually.

The National Cyber Policy Office works with public and private groups to build New Zealand’s cyber-security strategy into a secure, resilient and prosperous online space. Mr Ash says he’s enthusiastic about the opportunities for New Zealand and Australian businesses to learn from Israel’s cyber-security sector.

“Israel has developed world-leading cyber-security innovation and commercialisation. Although New Zealand and Israel inhabit very different strategic contexts, New Zealand businesses and government can learn from how Israel has developed its industry, trained its workforce and delivered its products to the world.

“Attending this delegation, particularly during Israel’s Cyber Week, will offer New Zealand and Australian businesses an opportunity to share knowledge and opportunities for collaboration with Israeli counterparts,” he says.

Mr Weiss agrees, saying the delegation is an excellent opportunity for New Zealand leaders in business and innovation, governance and cyber-security to gain an understanding of Israel’s cyber-security eco-system, emerging cyber-security trends and to establish key cyber-security relationships.

The delegation will include high-level briefings by, and engagement with, some of the world’s leading cyber-security personalities and companies, based in Israel, as well as a visit and workshop in Beersheba, the world’s cyber-security capital and also the site of the famous ANZAC charge of the light horse brigade in October 1917.

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