Dotcom hails Hong Kong High Court ruling over frozen $60m as ‘turning point!’

Hong Kong High Court judge unfreezes Megaupload assets – then immediately locks them up again.

Kim Dotcom is claiming a ruling by Hong Kong’s High Court as a victory in his fight against a United States indictment for alleged copyright infringement.

In response to a finding that Hong Kong authorities – acting on behalf of the US – didn't properly report details about their plans to seize Mr Dotcom's Megaupload assets, Mr Dotcom tweeted, “Two court victories against the US government in a week. Glad that Hong Kong isn't part of the US puppet show. This is the turning point!"

The accused internet pirate was living in Hong Kong in 2005 when he set up internet file sharing site Megaupload. Following the US indictment in January 2012, Hong Kong authorities seized Mr Dotcom’s funds.

Although Mr Dotcom can’t access his frozen Megaupload funds – which total $HK330m or around $60 million – as a result of the ruling, it does mean his legal team can seek exemptions from a new restraint order the judge immediately imposed on the assets.

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