Dunne says Genter's medical cannabis bill unworkable, effectively decriminalises dope

But United Future leader says he's willing to work with Green MP to make it a better bill.

United Future leader Peter Dunne says he is in discussions with Julie Anne Genter about her Medicinal Cannabis Bill, but says parts of it are unworkable and that it effectively decriminalises cannabis, which he doesn’t support.

The Green MP's bill, which is due to be debated in Parliament in the next few weeks, makes it legal for people suffering from a terminal illness or debilitating condition to use cannabis or cannabis products with the support of a GP.

It also allows doctors to permit qualifying patients to grow and possess cannabis.

Mr Dunne has told TV's The Nation he has major reservations about it.

"I think that the bill in one sense is unworkable, I think in another sense actually changes the whole ball game in a way that's not what was intended," he said.

"What she’s saying is that she’s effectively going to decriminalise cannabis across the board. To be fair to her, I don’t get the sense from her that that’s necessarily where she’s even heading, so I need to sit down and talk with her about it"

Act leader David Seymour says he will support it.

Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell said his party is likely to support it to the first reading.

Ms Genter's medical cannabis was one of two controversial private member's bills selected via a random ballot earlier this week.

The other is Mr Seymour's euthanasia bill. Leader of the House Simon Bridges says the ACT leader's bill is likely to get its first reading just before or just after the election. 

Watch the full interview here.


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