Fiji's new minimum wages could top $3 an hour

The wages council is proposes pay hikes which are tiny compared to those New Zealand workers enjoy. 

Fiji's wages council is proposing an increase in minimum wages – but they will still be lower than $NZ3 an hour.

A KPMG report outlining the proposals under the Wages Regulation Orders says the new minimum wage would depend on the industry the worker was in.

At current rates, one Fijian dollar equals 70 New Zealand cents.

For manufacturing it proposes an increase from $F2.75 to $F3.10 an hour.

Workers in the printing trades would get at least $F2.65 an hour, while those in the garment industry would get at least $F2.15, or $F1.80 for a learner.

The proposals also suggest casual workers be paid 25% more than the minimum wage.

By comparison, the New Zealand minimum wage is $NZ13.50, or $F19.40.

However, while the minimum wage in Fiji is considerably lower, everyday costs are still relatively high.

For example, the price of a Big Mac in Fiji is $F5.95 – two hours work for some people – compared to $NZ5.10 in New Zealand. 

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