Filled jobs rise for 20th consecutive month

Annual rise in wage and salary earners continued through November & December 2011, says Statistics NZ, but growth is flat on a seasonally adjusted basis.

The number of filled jobs being held by wage and salary earners has continued to increase annually for the 20th consecutive month through November and December 2011, according to Statistics New Zealand’s latest National Employment Indicator.

In December 2011, the number of seasonally adjusted filled jobs was up 0.7% compared with December in the previous year. November 2011 saw the number of seasonally adjusted filled jobs up by 0.8% compared with the November month of 2010.

“What we see is that the run of positive annual change in seasonally adjusted filled jobs has extended to 20 months, going as far back as May 2010,” industry and labour statistics manager Diane Ramsay said.

On a monthly basis, seasonally adjusted filled jobs have remained flat for both November and December last year.

Data for November 2011 was processed and produced later than usual due to the recent holiday period, which is why the recent release includes new data from both November and December for 2011.