Gartner sees Android tablets closing in on iPad - but not until 2015

Market researcher reckons 294 million tablets will be sold during 2015 - how market share could break down, by year, until then.

Market researcher Gartner sees tablets based on Google's Android software steadily gaining on Apple's iPad.

But although it loses market share every year, Gartner sees iPad staying ahead until at least 2015 - which would give Apple more legs than the mobile phone market, where Android pulled ahead inside two years.

RIM's yet-to-be-released PlayBook tablet is seen making more modest inroads.

Nokia is predicted to make minimal progress with its MeeGo platform (created in partnership with Intel before the Finnish company's Microsoft alliance).

HP Palm WebOS tablets are also seen as a bust. Gartner doesn't even mention Microsoft Windows 7 tablets.

iOS - Apple iOS; Android = Google Android; QNX = RIM BlackBerry PlayBook OS

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