Glenda Wynyard gets home detention

Ad agency founder found guilty of 11 Crimes Act charges, intends to appeal.

Former media agency owner Glenda Wynyard has indicated she will appeal a home detention sentence.

Last month the Media Counsel founder was found guilty of 11 Crimes Act charges laid by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) following a five-week trial and convicted.

In the Auckland District Court, Wynyard was sentenced to eight months of home detention, the SFO says in a release.

The charges had included causing loss by deception, theft by a person in a special relationship and dishonestly using a document.

Wynyard had redirected payments that were due to her accredited agency, Aegis, to repay a debt under an invoice factoring facility. She also presented cheques she knew would not be honoured and provided false and misleading information to the Print Media Accreditation Authority in order to gain accreditation.

Wynyard – who had been living in Australia since 2011 – indicated she will be filing an appeal. She has been granted bail and the sentence has been suspended pending the appeal.

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