Hagamans to file against Little shortly

'We are simply hard working people'

NBR Rich Listers Lani and Earl Hagaman say they will see Labour leader Andrew Little in court.

They had given him until 5pm Friday, May 20 to apologise for his allegations about the Hagamans’ donation to National party coffers being connected to a  government hotel contract in Niue.

“While Mr Little may be entitled to call for an investigation there is a correct process in which to do this. In my opinion, a public flogging is not the correct process,” Lani Hagaman says.

 “... neither Earl nor I come from power or privilege, nor upbringings that cultivated expectation of favours. We are simply hardworking people."

Defamation proceedings are now being prepared by the Hagamans’ lawyers and will be filed and served on Mr Little shortly, she says in a media statement.

Mr Little says as leader of the opposition he has a constitutional duty to challenge the actions of the government over the expenditure of public funds.

He says he will address the issues raised by the Hagamans once the Auditor-General has dealt with the referral, either by concluding an investigation or declining to conduct one.

He would not be commenting further.

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