Hager to get ringside seat as police destroy copied hard drive

Hager, lawyer will watch as a police officer takes a hammer to the hardware in the Auckland High Court at noon tomorrow.

UPDATED March 18 2016: Seized Hager material destroyed, attention turns to Westpac

UPDATE: Lawyer Felix Geiringer advises Nicky Hager's JetStar flight from Wellington has been delayed from 8.30am to 10.30am. Assuming the budget airline makes its 10.30am departure, the hard drive smashing will now take place at 1.30pm at the Auckland High Court.

EARLIER: Police, who have already suffered their raid on Nicky Hager's house being ruled unlawful, will again be gritting their teeth tomorrow.

A judge has ordered that a hard drive and memory card containing copies data seized in the October 2014 raid be destroyed.

Tomorrow (Friday), the Dirty Politics author and one of his lawyers, Steven Price, will travel to Auckland to watch as a police officer smashes the offending hardware.

The pair will also collect a computer and other equipment taken by police during the raid. Police were seeking evidence about the identity of an anonymous hacker who copied emails and social media messages from Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater's computer. The emails became the basis of Mr Hager's book.

The destruction of the hard drive will take place at high noon at the Auckland High Court.

Police have refused to allow media to record the smashing.

Mr Hager has declined comment until after the event.

NBR asked him, through his lawyer, if he is confident in this age of cloud computing whether a police officer taking a hammer to his drive will destroy all copies.

A member of his legal team, Felix Geiringer replied, "All of Nicky's belongings and all of the clones made at the scene were put in sealed containers while they were still at Nicky's house. Steven Price witnessed this process and signed across all of the seals.  He will be inspecting the seals tomorrow.  Assuming they show no signs of having been tampered with in the meantime then I think we will be as sure as one can be that no other copies have been made."

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