I don't care about ORFU - Mayor Cull

The fate of the debt-ridden Otago Rugby Football Union could be determined at a special meeting of the Dunedin City Council this afternoon with tight-lipped mayor Dave Cull hinting it could be resurrected in some other form.

Refusing to give details to NBR Online, Mr Cull says it is not relevant and he couldn't care less whether the ORFU is saved in its present form - his concern is the cost of a near $400,000 debt to ratepayers.

It's understood the council will consider a proposal to write off almost $400,000 owed to it in return for a three year programme of All Black games at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, including a Bledisloe Cup match.

Mr Cull is expected to give more details later today.

He refused to give details when NBR Online asked him what would be discussed at the meeting.

"There is an agenda item regarding professional rugby and the stadium and I can't say any more than that, Mr Cull said.

"From the title of it you can draw your own conclusions. As you know there is a protocol in place between the various parties that we would not comment to the media and I won't break that.

Asked how confident he was that the union would be saved he said: "I can't answer that. Whether the union is saved is not relevant, I don't have a position on that. My concern is the cost to my ratepayers in terms of the debt owed to us by the ORFU and in terms of them playing on our stadium because they underpin its potential.

" So those are my only concerns. Whether the ORFU can exist in its current form I couldn't care less. My understanding is that it could be resurrected in some other form."

With debts of $2.35 million today's meeting could be a lifeline for the ORFU which is staring at liquidation on Friday unless a rescue package can be put together to keep it in its present form or as a completely new entity.

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