If you’re not insured, get off the road – survey

New figures show most motorists think uninsured cars should not be on the road at all.

A Canstar Blue survey has revealed some 86% of drivers nationwide support the view that if the driver cannot afford insurance, the vehicle has no place on New Zealand roads.

The study shows gen Ys were least likely to agree with this statement, (65%) compared to Gen Xs and baby boomers.

Eleven percent of respondents say they have taken an uninsured driver to court, with Aucklanders, Gen Ys and Gen Xs more likely than those from other regions and age groups to do so.  

The survey also revealed car owners thoughts on insurance.

Canstar general manager Derek Bonnar says Aucklanders were nearly four times as likely to switch their insurance provider than those living in any other region in the country.

He says value for money is the biggest driver of satisfaction, followed by quality of service and clarity of policy.

“The car insurance market is competitive, and Auckland exceptionally so. Consumers should always compare prices and policies on a regular basis, just to make sure they have a policy that best meets their needs.”

A quarter of respondents reduced their cover in order to manage premiums, with Aucklanders leading the charge towards lower cost cover.

Although NZ Police Crime Statistics show car theft and theft from cars has been decreasing over the past two decades, 20% of respondents say they have had valuable personal items stolen from their vehicle at some point in their lives.

Thefts from cars is a particular problem for Aucklanders, with respondents in New Zealand’s biggest city more than twice as likely as respondents from any other region to fall victim to thieves.

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