Iwi investment fund gets $100m in indicative commitments

Super Fund chief investment officer Matt Whineray said the fund would help foster new co-investment opportunities for iwi and Māori organisations

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund says it has received indicative commitments up to $100 million for a proposed iwi and Māori direct investment fund.

The fund would see groups pooling capital to make collective investments with a 15 to 20-year investment horizon. Commitments have been made by more than 35 iwi, pan-tribal organisations, Māori land trusts and Māori incorporations, including various Tūwharetoa organisations aggregating together as a single investor, Te Tumu Paeroa, and various Taranaki iwi entities, the Super Fund said in a statement.

The fund is scheduled to close in late December, with legal documentation and internal governance still being finalised. It has been developed as a partnership project by the Ministry of Business,, He kai kei aku ringa (the Crown-Māori economic partnership), Ngāti Awa Group and the Super Fund.

"Reaching this milestone shows real commitment among iwi/Māori organisations to work together for the long-term economic wellbeing of our people and New Zealand more broadly," said Paul Quinn from Ngāti Awa Group, which has made an indicative commitment of $5 million to the fund. "It is pleasing to see significant levels of interest in the fund, especially from the central North Island and Taranaki-based organisations."

The Super Fund's chief investment officer Matt Whineray said the fund would help foster new co-investment opportunities for iwi and Māori organisations as well as other investors with similar investment values and endowments.

The fund "has established a relationship with the NZ Super Fund and will aim to build similar relationships with other institutional investors, with a view to creating and participating in co-investment opportunities," it said.


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Will they actually front with the $100M though or will NZ Super have to fund it for them.
It's about time Iwi actually stood on their own instead of relying on others to do the work. They now have a well educated and experienced pool of members who could easily establish a PE firm

The problem is is that after 100's of years they still can't work together. It's all tribal and they lack trust between each other. The Iwi leaders forum is just a talkfest and a chance for kai and bravado. That entity has delivered nothing for Maori out there in the real world.

Time for change within Maoridom now that most settlements have occurred. They need to stand tall and determine their own destiny - it is ironical that they still rely on a government entity to hold their hands, 30 years after the initial settlements

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I note now that one Iwi Ngati Kahungunu has outshone it's fellow Iwi and invested direct into success NZ company Animation Research - without any hand holding

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Fact is that NZ Super fund has achieved the best returns for the past decade and to Maori organisations, CEO Adrian Orr is a well known and respected operator. So why not use his expertise? After all other Pakeha organisations use share brokers all the time. I really am tired of this negative crap spouted by anonymous people like The Scribe. He would get more mileage if he had the guts to put his real name to his rantings.

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I agree. Scribe could've started with the beginning of the last paragraph in their last post and left it at that. And "they" is so outdated. Society in general have many ethnic backgrounds and each deserves their own true title not "they"

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These supposed settlement funds have been corralled by usual government approved appointed slaves who as far as I am aware rarely allow investment funding to individual members to grow global business or further innovation of new inventions. Rather the a to timid and afraid of making a mistake whereupon the ire of the IWI/Hapu members is voiced the offenders and their families becoming ostracized forever and a day. The pakeha system by contrast have mechanism for forgiveness for such error, whereby Maori don't they meaning the bulk of Maoridom still given over the the archaic thinking of the ancestors towards UTU. This I think is the core reason why the are seeking to defer risk to a Pakeha via the Superfund, which as we all know do not invest in Maori at all. In this was the collective of investors stand back allowing the white man to take the blame should anything go amiss with their investment funds. This could not be the case if the had the courage to do so on their own. Let is be clearly understood by all who may read this post that Maori administrators of funds held in trust, be they settlement monies or other have totally ignored the will or concerns of the people who the government has force them to accept so called settlement fiat made out of thin air monies of no real tangible value other than that agreed and imposed upon them by government. The so called land assets still only returned under a lease from the Crown--aka-London Barr-Four Inns Court. Thus they do not own these land freehold and unincumbered as they naively believe, they still via rate etc have to pay rent to the Duke of Westminister who is the collector of rents in behalf of the Queen which is not the Crown as Maori negotiators who are lawyers registered with said Crown own the alligence. This part of such negotiations not apparent or hidden from those they were supposed to represent, the commissions one guesses no doubt far outweighing such concerns at the time. Anyway, to cut this story short, since the settlement process was started the Maori Peoples lot within the confines of their NZ Prisons come armed police state which is incessantly active against their people 24/7/365 days a year under the direct orders of their commanders based in London ensure Maori Peoples will be further marginalized and pushed deeper and deeper into despair as long planned and nothing this collective via this marrying of investment funds with NZ Superfund will alleviate. What these Maori investors forget it that the settlement process imposed by the British Crown was used to annex much of Ireland from the Irish and those asset not claimed are automatically deemed property of the corrupt sleazy London based Crown..which is the collective of the London Four Inns BAR/Bankers...not Queen of England as most supposed. You have been rorted as duped all over again Maori..by the same white men speak with forked tongues British.NZ Pakeha. Know this Maori, your investment with this Superfund will never see a return to benefit the Maori Peoples. Why? Simply because their investment focus is the trading of financial paper upon financial paper.....not solid real asset such as land and tangible real assets. Your would have been better of putting the $100 Millions under my direct control and I give you a return of 5% per annum solid for next twenty years. I have 100klm x 2 klm Mega Reef Project to grow wild seaweed in deep open ocean waters if you ready to proceed. Also have advanced VTOL Craft etc. If you want to make real returns on this investment sum come and talk to the horse as they saying goes. I don't bite. Arohanui. Te Rangatira Moananui

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