John Banks outraged by Finlayson’s support of solicitor-general

"The bad behaviour of Crown lawyers has been rubber-stamped and whitewashed away.”

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson has declared his full support for solicitor-general Mike Heron, QC, after examining the way in which Crown Law dealt with its case against John Banks – much to the dissatisfaction of the former ACT leader, National minister and Auckland mayor.

“I was told [Mr Finlayson] would conduct a proper inquiry into my case. Instead, the bad behaviour of Crown lawyers has been rubber-stamped and whitewashed away,” Mr Banks says.

In May the Court of Appeal acquitted Mr Banks and ruled he should not be re-tried for allegedly filing a false electoral return relating to the 2010 Auckland mayoralty race.

Mr Banks’ acquittal was the result of the Court of Appeal finding that the Crown had withheld evidence from the defence, leading to a miscarriage of justice.

In the aftermath Mr Banks opined that “Some of the mistakes made by the judiciary going through were outrageous” and “the solicitor-general has a lot to answer for.”

In a statement today, Mr Finlayson said, “Because of the personalised nature of some of the allegations about the conduct of the solicitor-general, I state for the record that he has my full confidence. He is an outstanding solicitor-general."

Mr Banks, however, still feels he is the victim of a miscarriage of justice and wants a formal inquiry into his case.

Crown Law and Mr Banks’ lawyer have yet to come to terms on costs.

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