John Key in NBR Rich List denial

John Key may have appeared at 56-equal on the 2011 NBR Rich List but he clearly does not rate its accuracy, if his answer to a question in parliament today is anything to go by.

Mr Key, whose wealth was ranked at $55 million, said the NBR Rich List was “a bunch of journos making stuff up” from what few facts they had.

He had been asked by Labour leader Phil Goff whether he stood by his statement that “I think we all have to accept that there is a degree of inequality in New Zealand”.

Mr Goff said the NBR Rich List contained the names of the 150 richest people in New Zealand who were the chief beneficiaries of the government's tax cuts. They were becoming much better off, he said, while many ordinary New Zealanders found themselves progressively worse off.

That was denied by Mr Key, who said the latest research showed the income gap in New Zealand was actually narrowing.

He was surprised Mr Goff had time to read the NBR Rich List.

Mr Key declined to comment on his wealth when the NBR Rich List was being compiled.

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