Judge Jock: The Return of The Scunner

An eerie rumble rolled about Vulcan Lane the other day.

There it is again…

Purse-clutching briefs baulk...

Beaks blanche in long bottoms...

A low grumble works up to a full-blown Harrumph.

“I say, Judge Jock,” bellowed Our Man At The Bar. “Where have you been hiding??? Your round, if I’m not mistaken…”

“Tell me, Your Eminence, what do you make of this sordid business with the Auckland law society and our distinguished mate Colin Taylor???

“Rum do, what???”

“Sixteen years then out he goes, not even a farewell biscuit for good behaviour.”

“Old Collie got the shabby end of the stick, if you ask me.”

“It was all I could do to stop my chambers chums picketing the law society’s luxurious squat… We were up for it until we ran into QC Brian Keene on the front steps.

“It’s true, dear old Brian sprang to CEO Suzie Keppel’s defence, telling Collie in the polite-est of terms to back off or there may be serious implications.”

“I hear Brian even offered Collie a touch of the old “modus vivendi.”

“You don’t mean…???” gasped Judge Jock, instantly recognising Modus Vivendi as a well-known brand of Greek underwear.

“Didn’t John Clark say they were all a bit, you know, funny???”

“That’s quite enough of that sort of talk. Anyway, mine’s a double…”

“Money first,” snapped the landlady.

To see more about what this is all about search for Colin Taylor at NBR ONLINE.

Meanwhile, coming soon with Judge Jock: A Gossip’s History of New Zealand Law, a Pop-Up Guide to Being a Judge, Sexiest QCs to Spend the Night Stroking Silk With, plus why Joe Karam is Tipped to be new Chief Justice.  

Footnote: Loosely based on jottings from another time, Judge Jock is testing the NBR ONLINE water, where only the courageous survive...


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