Key tells Dotcom to put up or shut up

PLUS: Dotcom praises Laila Harre for "giving the finger" to "motherf******s" in the the "right wing media", but won't let the Internet Party leader in on what he plans to reveal at the September 15 rally.

Kim Dotcom has revealed more details today on his "Moment of Truth" event, scheduled for five days before the September 20 election.

The Auckland Town Hall rally will feature Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, known for his stories on Edward Snowden's leaked surveillance documents, Mr Dotcom told media today at an Internet Mana rally. The new information would have links to the Snowden affair. Other international guests will be flown in.

Prime Minister John Key responded by challenging the Internet Party founder to put up or shut up.

"If he seriously has information he should feel free to put that in the public domain," the PM said.

Mr Dotcom has promised to provide proof the PM knew about him before the January 20, 2012 raid on his mansion — something Mr Key has always denied.

"I will continue to kick arse," Mr Dotcom said.

"Do you really think I would put $4 million into a political movement like this without having a bigger picture in mind? There is something very relevant going to happen September 15."

Mr Dotcom says the announcement will cover  "What happened with the GCSB involvement in mass surveillance. What happened with the New Zealand Government being subservient to the US Government and the NSA."

Mr Key told media he has not lost any sleep over what he is calling a "political stunt" by someone who "has watched far too many episodes of House of Cards. He [Dotcom] clearly has a personality that's of an attention seeking nature."

Mr Dotcom also praised Internet Party leader Laila Harre for dealing with what he calls "the right-wing media".

"She stood up and showed them the finger and said 'I'm doing this, mother*****s.'"

Despite his praise for Ms Harre, Mr Dotcom hasn't so far brought her into his circle of trust about his September 15 rally.

Earlier, Ms Harre said, "Without knowing details of the revelations that he intends to make, [what I can say] is that every single claim Kim has made during the course of this controversy has eventually been borne out by the evidence."


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