Kiwi agricultural economist bags top Aussie award

A Kiwi agricultural economist has been named Top Young Agronomist by the Australian Society of Agronomy.

Dr Graeme Doole, who divides his time between the University of Waikato and the University of Western Australia, told the National Business Review his research looks at ways to improve farm management systems to overcome the costs associated with environmental regulation and production constraints.

His recent work involves analysing the best use of integrated weed management to slow the development of herbicide resistance in Australian cropping systems; investigating the profitability of alternative means to reduce nitrate leaching from pastures in New Zealand; and exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact of Victorian agriculture.

Throughout his academic career Dr Doole also constructed varies dairy models. He will be working closely with DairyNZ over the next two years to develop a “representative farm model” to find the most profitable way for farmers to reduce green house gas emissions.

“I’ve constructed a certain model but we are looking to put better information into that and expand it and make it more complex.”