Kiwis prefer eating out more than entertaining at home

New survey reveals a growing trend.

A new survey reveals Kiwis would rather eat out than entertain at home.

The Nielsen study asked New Zealanders which activities they loved most.

Going out to eat and drink was ranked ninth in the survey, taking 3% of the vote.

This is well ahead of cooking and baking, at No 15, and entertaining and barbecuing at home on 25th.

Wellingtonians are twice as likely as the rest of the nation to go out to eat, with 6.2% of capital city dwellers surveyed selecting wining and dining as their favourite activity.

This is followed by Aucklanders on 4.1% and Bay of Plenty residents on 2.8%.

The study also revealed the elderly and women are most keen to dine out. 

It is most popular with the 65-plus age group at 4%, closely followed by people aged 25 to 34 on 3.9%.

And it is women who are more likely to wine and dine out – 3.3% of those surveyed say like to do so, compared to 2.9% of men.

The research, commissioned by Vodafone, is from an online survey of more than 1500 New Zealanders aged 15 years and older in July 2012.

Restaurants Association national president Mike Egan says New Zealanders realise there is a shrinking differential in the price of dining out as opposed to eating at home.

“People are time poor and the cost at medium-priced restaurants isn’t so much.”

He says there is pressure on the restaurant industry not to raise menu prices as some groceries become more expensive.

But the industry is well placed to keep prices steady. 

“We buy our vegetables through wholesalers, who buy off the markets.

"There are eight wholesalers trying for our business, whereas the consumer has only got Foodstuffs or Progressive competing for prices.”

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