Labour Party needs to connect with public

Labour leadership contenders Shane Jones, David Cunliffe, and Grant Robertson say the party needs to reach out and bring back people who voted for them in the past.

Speaking on TV3’s “The Nation” Mr Jones said Labour needed to reconnect with the people who felt they have been alienated by Labour.

He said the party had the right policies but needed to market itself better, and believed he was the person to do that.

“We've got some incredibly clever and intellectual people in our party, “ he said.

“But since Helen's gone we've never had the right messenger to connect with the people who have switched off politics and really are so disinterested in our brand.

“We've got to bring them back to mother ship Labour.

“And of the three of us I am the best,” he said.

Mr Cunliffe said he didn’t believe Labour’s marketing to voters was where they had gone .

“I think getting the marketing front end right is essential, but you’ve got to have the right product,” he said.

“We've got to stand up for the rights of working people, and we've got to deliver real change for all New Zealanders.”

Mr Robertson said the party needed to have good policies and be seen to be able to empathise with everyday New Zealanders.

“It is about connecting that up with a believable vision to say to New Zealanders you'll be better off under Labour, and that if we have a chance to put in place that vision, your family's got opportunity,” he said.

“It is always going to be a mix of how we sell the message, and what the message is.”

“But it's about making it credible and believable, and speaking to New Zealanders about their everyday lives. If we can do that, and I think I can do that, we'll win.”

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