Labour tops $500K in post-Ardern donations, two big-note contributions revealed

Labour has now topped $500,000 in donations since Jacinda Ardern because its new leader on August 1, general secretary and campaign manager Andrew Kirton says.

Mr Kirton says the “vast bulk” was “via small amounts online.”

However, August 9 and August 16 Electoral Commission filings of donations larger than $30,000 reveal two sizable donations in its recent mix: $39,100 from prominent artist Stanley Palmer of Auckland and $60,000 from Wellington-based artist Karl Maughan.

Read NBR’s earlier report on Rich Lister donations here.

Beyond whatever they raise through their own efforts, each party has been allocated taxpayer funding for electoral ads, broadly tied to its level of support. In Labour's case, that's just over $1 million (see other totals here).

Other parties did not immediately respond to requests for updates on their fundraising drives.