Market wrap up and a look at the week ahead: US jobs, Greek loan repayments and NZD/AUD parity

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Topics discussed in depth in the global markets podcast include:

US Job numbers: More job numbers out of the US, but the news is not so good this month.

“Very concerning that the [jobs] data continues to be so mixed out of the US, but the positive thing for the markets was the Fed may delay its rate hike further.”

RBA interest rates: All eyes will be on the Reserve Bank of Australia this afternoon as it decides what to do with its interest rates.

“I think the RBA will move this meeting; they delayed moving last meeting. If the RBA move this meeting, they may not move in May as well.”

Parity with AUD: “It’s going to put pressure on the Kiwi, we are going to go through parity if they do cut rates.

“We’re going to see far greater tourist numbers if we do hold at parity. But New Zealand exporters are going to struggle, they are going to be hurt by this.”

The Greek loan repayment to the IMF: Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced his county intends to meet all obligations to all its creditors.

“Although Greece is a very small nation, we do want it to meet its obligations and at least have some clarity there.”