Matthews to stand down as auditor-general

Senior public servant Sir Maarten Wevers will carry out a review.

Auditor-General Martin Matthews will stand down pending an independent inquiry into his suitability for the statutory role.

The decision comes amid questions about his handling of a fraud case in his former role at the Ministry of Transport.

Senior public servant Sir Maarten Wevers will carry out the review, which is expected to take two weeks.

Mr Matthews was in charge of the transport ministry at the time former senior manager Joanne Harrison stole $750,000 through fake invoices to companies which did not produce any work.

Harrison was jailed earlier this year over the fraud, which only came to light in 2016.

Mr Matthews stood down as chief executive of the transport ministry in July 2016, just days before news broke that Harrison had been stealing from the ministry before fleeing New Zealand for Canada.

The State Services Commission announced on Wednesday it would investigate the treatment of whistleblowers in the fraud case.


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