Mevo claims Australasian first with 'free-floating' car share

Mevo does deal with Wellington City Council.
Mevo founders Erik Zydervelt (left) and Finn Lawrence say their free-floating care share is an Australasian first

When NBR last spoke to Mevo, the electric-vehicle focused-car sharing service was doing pretty well.

But it had one bug-bear (shared with most similar services): Its cars had to be picked up or dropped off from a narrow range of locations. Negotiations with Wellington City Council were dragging on.

This week, the pair announced they've come to an agreement, allowing Mevo to claim bragging rights the first "free-floating" car-sharing service in Australasia.

‘Free-floating’ means that Mevo’s Audi e-tron fleet can be parked in Wellington City Council spaces around the city when users complete their trips, rather than back in their original spot.

Mevo had no further commercial update this week but in September it landed an investment from Z. Read details of that here and Calida Smylie's car-sharing round-up posted today here.