Microsoft’s Lauren designed to get under Mac boys’ skin

A second Microsoft “laptop hunter” ad has gone to air in the US (see video below).

It follows essentially the same script as the first, featuring the now-infamous Lauren, but this time with a guy, Giampaulo, in the lead role.

Like his "cute-but-seemingly-obtainable" predecessor, he goes shopping for a new laptop, and finds a Windows model (again from HP) half the price of Apple alternatives.

The Lauren ads provoked rabid attacks from Apple bloggers, plus many who left rants after articles about the ad (including NBR’s).

At Newsweek, Dan Lyons, points out that the Mac mob are playing into Microsoft’s hands.

The headline theme of the ad is a familiar one: Macs are more expensive than PCs.

But its sub-text is that people who pay more are being suckered into paying more to be “cool”. More, that Mac users are overly-precious, and snobby. Oversensitive online attacks only serve to reinforce this theme, making Apple look not just pretentious, but mean-spirited.

This is not just Mr Lyons’ pet theory, either. He quotes Microsoft general manager for brand marketing David Webster as saying the ugly attacks from Mac fanboys are exactly what the company was hoping to provoke.

Ironically, having dissed Apple, and its fans, for insulting people not cool enough to be its customers, Mr Webster can’t resist having his own dig at the Mac crowd:

"Not everyone wants a machine that's been washed with unicorn tears," he says.

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with Apple, your premium pays for the software, and for Microsoft (primarily a software company!) to take the position that software has no impact on value is an odd choice.

I like Windows, and not just because I'm too cheap or not cool enough to own a Mac (both are true, but neither is relevant). So how about you find something to campaign on that doesn't double as an insult, like "PCs are cheap," eh?

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LOVE that comment about unicorn tears! I have no opinion about Mac vs PC - i use a PC at work but prefer OSX.

However the underlying theme that people buy Macs to try and be cool certainly has some truth to it - did you *see* the kind of people that queue up at the Mac stores to buy the new OSX release, or an iPhone?

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I am a computer guy. Spent all day today helping two neighbors remove the conflicker trojan. All day wasted. Good luck with windows guys! I am so glad I left that world behind.

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love the ads.
i've used all three where it fits.
can't see why every one gets so bent on "who has the best computer; mac, linux or pc"?
you use what works for you.
any way keep it up both mac and the entertainment.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...look at all those bitchy, mean, low self-esteem mac-suckers in misery...HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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