Moon Man Ken Ring rides again with another round of predictions

What's Ken got in store for 2012?

Moon Man Ken Ring has all the info you need for 2012.

His book Ken Ring’s 2012 Predict Weather Almanac for New Zealand will be released in September through Random House.

For the grand sum of $50, readers can find out exactly what the weather will be doing.

The 2012 almanac has “must-have” features found in his earlier volumes, with day-per-page forecasts.

It includes gardening advice and moon position information, as well as a ski season summary, but it’s unknown whether predictions on life-changing events and earthquakes will be included.

Biodynamic planting guides will rock the world of gardeners all over the country.

Mr Ring – aka the Moon Man – has created controversy in New Zealand with his method of predicting weather, and more recently earthquakes, by the cycles of the moon.

However he has a huge following and an apparently high strike rate for reliability according to his weather following fans. Some critics of his quake predictions have said the sheer number of days on which Mr Ring has predicted seismic activity ensured that some of his forecasts coincided with aftershocks (some opponents also claim he can't predict the weather).

Mr Ring has already published 16 books on weather and climate in New Zealand.

He has produced his annual almanacs since 1999.

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