Most NZers want part of asset sales action

Respondents undermine poll's agenda.

"Most of us oppose selling NZ," screams an emotive headline in the Herald on Sunday this morning (it's toned down for the online version of the story).

A Key Research poll of 700 eligible voters found just 25% were in favour of the government selling 49% stakes in Mighty River Power, Genesis, Meridian and Solid Energy, and selling down its stake in the NZX-listed Air New Zealand.

63.8% oppose partial state asset sales.

But it seems the opposition doesn't run very deep (a fact that could also be gleaned from the November election result, given how up-front National was about asset sales).

A clear majority wanted a piece of the action.

59.9% of respondents said they would be willing to buy shares in any state-owned asset.

Mighty River Power shares are expected to be marketed from September, with a loyalty bonus offered investors who commit to owning their shares for a set period - a move in part aimed at mitigating fears over sweetheart deals for iwi (aimed at shoring up Maori Party support for the asset sales legislation) and future political interference.

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