Nats file Eminem appeal

The High Court had found Eminem's publishers had been ripped off, and ordered they be paid $600,000 plus interest.

The National Party will take its copyright dispute with rapper Eminem to the Court of Appeal.  

In October the opposition party was ordered by the High Court to pay Eminem’s publishers $600,000 plus interest after Wellington High Court judge Helen Cull found that it had infringed the copyright of Eight Mile Style in its rowboat election ad of 2014.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow says the party indicated earlier this week that it will appeal the decision.

Mr Goodfellow said he did not expect a hearing until next year. “The first stage was filing the appeal within the timeframe and we are now looking for directions,” he adds.

“All of these matters just need to be dealt with,” he says, adding that he is not sure at this stage what will happen to the party’s third party liability claim against the suppliers and licensors of the track.

That claim is against AMCOS New Zealand, Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society and publishers Beatbox Music and Labrador Entertainment.

There had not been a court date set for that dispute yet anyway, he confirmed.

Justice Cull had found that Lose Yourself was unique and high-value work, "which has been licensed rarely to preserve and increase its rarity and value. Eight Mile Style has imposed strict creative controls on any licence to maintain the integrity of the work and the personal interests of the authors."

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