NBR Radio Special: the secrets of successful crisis negotiation

Negotiation Strategies chief executive Moty Cristal talks with NBR reporter Nathan Smith on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Bring some spaghetti bolognaise to the next business negotiation and success might just be yours, says one of the world’s top crisis negotiators.

Negotiation Strategies (NEST) chief executive Moty Cristal emphasises differences in culture are one of the most important aspects of successful negotiations in any environment. This can mean cultures at the nation level, but it also refers to the cultures of managers and employees or IT and engineers.

In contrast to his peers in other countries, Israeli-born Mr Cristal says there is no “manual” on dealing with negotiations. Every instance should be treated as unique regardless of how many times a person has sat down to talks.

Mr Cristal spent a decade at the state-level as an Israeli government negotiator. His experience includes confidential, yet pivotal, negotiations with the Jordan government and Palestinian representatives on multiple occasions. He has also led many hostage crises and now runs an organisation dedicated to helping businesses understand negotiation and offering services.

He talks to Nathan Smith on NBR RADIO about what businesses need to know when negotiating, clearing up some common misconceptions regarding the process and talks through intriguing lessons-learned gleaned from a lifetime of stressful table-sitting.

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