NBR Radio Weekend Rumble: TPP – boom or bust?

And are Rich Listers heros or villans? Lance Wiggs and the NBR crew throw around some of the week's top stories on NBR Radio and on-demand via MyNBR Radio.

Guest panellist Lance Wiggs joins NBR’s Chris Hutching, Chris Keall, Nathan Smith and Nick Grant to throw around some of the week's top stories on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

This week’s agenda includes the TPP and the increasingly divisive discussion about whether it will be a boom or a bust for New Zealand, and contrasting the celebration of the success of NBR’s Rich Listers with concern about entrenched and growing inequality. The crews bon mots on the TPP:

  • “We’d be trading for short-term superficially good-looking stuff such as “oh you’ve got access to dairy” at the expense of the long term value creation stuff such as copyright and the Pharmac stuff.”
  • “There’s an idea running around that you’re either included in this world system, the one that’s emerging in a globalised world, or you’re being excluded.”
  • “Trade negotiations are a street fight."

And on the Rich List:

  • “There’re some really good people who have done amazing things for New Zealand and we should celebrate them as our heroes."
  • “We cannot confuse the wonderful fantastic things that they do that we celebrate with the fact that they’re close to godly like people."
  • “I think you’ve got to really look at the equality of opportunity question not necessarily look at these entrepreneurs and start bashing them.”

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