NBR subscriber BMW winner

The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants is the lucky winner of the BMW 3 series 320d edition NBR has given away to one lucky subscriber.

NBR managing editor Todd Scott handed over the keys to the car, worth $89,500, to NZICA midland region manager Karen Venni this week at BMW’s Auckland headquarters.

Ms Venni told the National Business Review her staff had noticed the car and thought it was stylish, but she had signed the subscription form without giving her chances at winning another thought.

“When Todd rang to ask what sort of car I was driving, I thought he was doing some sort of marketing promotion, so I was very cynical,” Ms Venni said.

“I said, you’re joking, aren’t you? I thought he wanted me to sign up for something.”

When Mr Scott announced the NZICA had won the car, there was a mixture of “elation and excitement” in the office.

“I thought it was really cool, that I’d won it for the company. You don’t often get told you’ve won a $90,000 car in your lifetime.”

The excitement piqued the curiosity of other office staff, who demanded Mr Scott be put on speakerphone to hear the news.

Listen to the phone call here

“It was very exciting,” Ms Venni said. “We’d had a challenging time in the office with IT upgrades and phone systems, and it hadn’t been your normal everyday week, so it finished the week off on a really high note for us.”

BMW has also thrown in a free full-day driver training session from BMW, worth $650.

The NZICA is as yet unsure what it will do with the car, as it’s a company subscription rather than a private subscription that won the prize.

However, Ms Venni hopes she’ll get to drive it at least once.

“It might be too hard to give it back, though.”