New editor for Scoop

Scoop has appointed Gordon Campbell editor. A formal announcement is expected later today. 

The change follows founder and editor Alastair Thompson’s short-lived political career as he left the news website last month to join Kim Dotcom’s political party. Mr Thompson has since returned to Scoop in a different role.

In a blog post  Mr Campbell criticised Mr Thompson’s registration of website addresses for the Internet Party while still Scoop editor and a member of the press gallery.

Mr Campbell labeled the actions “indefensible” and said it was distressing to think that Mr Thompson may have thrown away so much for so little.

According to the Scoop website, Mr Campbell’s journalism career includes a long stint at the Listener magazine and he had previously worked as a media and research officer for the Green Party.

Mr Campbell has a small shareholding  - .02% - in Scoop Holdings.

Last week Sublime Group – led by brothers Selwyn and Craig Pellett  - confirmed it now has a 60% majority stake in Scoop.