New In The Job - General Manager in Real Estate

Greg Hornblow will be taking up the position of General Manager within Bayleys Realty Group.

…in Real Estate Management


What’s the appointment? Greg Hornblow has taken the position of general manager for Bayleys Realty Group.

What kind of work does your job require? Greg manages the services supplied to the many franchises Bayleys Realty Group interacts with on a daily basis. Different aspects of the job range from marketing, PR and HR, to training and development. “I run a team at the head office here. I make sure the team works within certain parameters to meet the service requirements so that we’re able to supply them to the franchise groups we deal with” said Greg.

So what got him interested in the role? Having previously worked within the media industry for over 27 years Greg had come into contact with many media ‘pillars’, making plenty of valuable contacts along the way. “I’ve always had a keen interest in the real estate industry,” said Greg. “Bayleys are a fantastic marketing brand. They show a great amount of leadership within the company. They’ve got a clear plan when it comes to company direction and know exactly what they’re doing in such a competitive industry.”

What’s the job he is leaving? Greg left as general manager for the New Zealand Herald and the Herald On Sunday after working within APN New Zealand, which he had worked with for 27 years. “I started as a cadet, and moved around the business in various places around New Zealand covering a wide variety of roles. In the last 15 years in several senior roles I headed the general manager position for ‘The Aucklander’, which still runs as part of The Herald’s several publications,” said Greg. He most recently held his position as general manager in sales for The New Zealand Herald and the Herald On Sunday.

Was the move from the media industry to real estate based on personal interests?The move between the two different industries incorporated a lot more than just personal interest for Greg. “It’s an exciting industry that I’m extremely passionate about,” he said. “A few people have said to me that a move from within a media background to real estate seemed strange to them, but when you’re managing a team of people within any industry then you can apply skill-set to almost anywhere. You really need to have a passion for it though.”

What qualifications has he attained? Greg gained an advertising and marketing diploma early on in his career. “I also did a qualification through APN with Queensland University which was an executive program which covered executive training.”

Greg Hornblow says he’s pleased to begin work with the team at Bayleys Realty Group. “I’ve grown accustomed to the industry and the people within the real estate industry,” says Greg. “I like that its quite a dynamic industry and am looking forward to working with a team of people passionate about what they do.”

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