New In The Job - GM for tech leasing firm

Phil Goodin has recently taken up the general manager position at Equico.

…in General Management

What’s the appointment? Phil Goodin has been internally appointed general manager at Equico, a technology leasing firm. 

What job is he leaving to take up this one? The appointment was more of an internal promotion within Equico, where Phil previously held the head of sales and marketing role. “I was basically a sales manager. I was in charge of nine staff members including a marketing manager and an insurance manager, and I held this position since September of 2010.”

What does his new role require him to do? Phil will oversee the strategic direction of the company, leaning towards sales and all the compliance and operational aspects of the company. “I might be doing a little bit of selling myself but I’ll mainly be looking after the sales team at Equico.”

So what got him interested in the role? Phil had enquired about the GM position at a very early stage in his career at Equico. “I put my hand up for it since day one when I first started work for the company.” He enjoys sales management but prefers strategy, implementation and operational aspects of the position. “I knew at some point the job position would open up from the previous GM, so I put my hand up quite early and worked pretty hard to finally get to where I am now.

Where has he worked previously? After leaving university, Phil worked at MARAC Finance for seven years. “My main job was financial services manager, which is basically commercial sales or commercial account management. I mainly worked on originating business from dealers and resellers, much like what Equico does but just a different aspect really.” He prefers working within the IT side of things, which is what his new role at Equico has more of.

So why did he move from MARAC to EQUICO? “It was just something different. I knew Equico quite well through people I worked with during my time at MARAC. They’ve got an amazing brand and a fresh clientele, which is what attracted me the most to the company.” Going from sales to management was a big step but Phil says he is glad he grabbed the role change with both hands. A wider range of corporate clients are also much more interesting at his new position.

What qualifications has he attained? “I have a bachelor of business from AUT, majoring in e-business and management, which I finished in 2003.” He says his university qualification links up a lot better with his new role at Equico rather than his previous role at MARAC.