Nicky Hager says source will release raw data, denies it's Dotcom

Dirty Politics” author Nicky Hager told TV1”s Q+A programme that he believes his source will release the raw data that he based his book on.

“I think if it comes out, which I have a feeling it is going to come out, I think that if people read it, it'll actually be worse than the book, because while I had to make it a readable book and take things out, when you just go page after page of this cynicism and the nastiness it's quite an experience," Mr Hager said.

Mr Hager also "absolutely categorically" denied Mega and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom was the source for his book.

While Mr Hager would not reveal his source he said if Mr Dotcom had come to him with the stolen documents he "would have said go to someone else".

Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater has alleged that Mr Dotcom was the "paymaster" of the the person who attacked his site in January this year. He has posted a series of txt messages between Mr Dotcom and his (then) bodyguard Wayne Tempero. However, the exchange, which has yet to be authenticated, does not specifically mention a hack attack.

Through an Internet Party spokesman, Mr Dotcom released as statement this afternoon saying, "“I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again to be perfectly clear – I had nothing to do with any alleged hacking. And while we’re on the subject, I had nothing to do with Nicky Hager’s book, either.”

On Twitter, Mr Dotcom attacked Mr Slater, saying his analysis showed traffic to his blogsite was "Shrimpoil not whaleoil."

Dirty Politics is is based on thousands of emails between Mr Slater and various National Party figures. The emails were hacked, or stolen, on or around a DDOS attack on Mr Slater's Whaleoil blog, then recevied by Mr Hager shortly after.

Prime Minister John Key, Justice Minister Judith Collins and Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater, have denied the allegations against them in the book.

Mr Hager responded earlier this week saying he was considering releasing the original documents the book is based on, as it would provide "reassurance" to doubters and disprove the denials.

However, this morning on Q+A, he said he was unable to do that.

He said when he finished Dirty Politics, his lawyer advised him to "return all the materials" to his source as a court judgement could force him to turn over the material and reveal his source.

"I've since gone back to the source and said, 'Can I please start to release the information?' and the source told me, 'No,'" Mr Hager told Q+A.

"I think the source has decided that he is going to release the information, but not let me do it."

Mr Hager says he believes if the public does get the chance to read the original material it will be "worse than the book".

"While I had to make it a readable book and take things out, when you just go page after page of this cynicysm and the nastiness it's quite an experience."

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