Norman: I wouldn’t have gone to the SkyCity corporate box

Top Labour MPs' decision to watch the rugby from a SkyCity corporate box was an error of judgement, says their potential coalition partner.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman says the decision of Labour’s top ministers to watch the rugby from a SkyCity corporate box was an error of judgement.

Labour ministers Annette King and Phil Goff, and Labour leader David Shearer were sighted at a recent All Blacks match in the SkyCity corporate box at Eden Park, after protesting against the Government’s deals with SkyCity.

But Dr Norman – whose party would likely form a coalition with Labour if they get the numbers at the next election – says he would have turned the invitation down.

“I don’t think it’s a good look for a politician, I think it’s a mistake.”

Dr Norman admitted that, though Labour was the Green Party’s best chance at being in government, the two parties were also competing.

“Labour are a different party and they don’t get everything right,” the Greens coleader said.

“We have to manage an adult relationship where we work together on some things but we’re also competing for voters.

“And sometimes there’ll be tensions in that, and that’s OK.”

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