NZ IT talent shortage skyrocketing

The war for top talent within the ICT sector is heating up as businesses recover and expand their personnel.

But as demand for skilled professionals grows, so does the brain drain, forcing employers to fiercely fight to attract and retain best talent.

According to the Absolute IT Employer Intentions Survey three-quarters of businesses are planning to recruit new permanent staff over the next 12 months with more than 80% having no plans to reduce employee numbers.

This is expected to pump more than 1300 vacancies into the already tight ICT labour market.

Past surveys show a major trend in IT talent emigration, with nearly 36% planning to move overseas for work with more than 60% of this number for more than two years.

Absolute IT director Grant Burley told the National Business Review this trend remains very static since the financial crisis.

“The key reasons for people to move are very evenly spread between lifestyle, money and career development.

“So flexible work arrangements is really important to retain staff.”

Architects, business analysts and software developers are in particular shortages and in growing demand.

“We expect that it will be increasingly difficult to find project managers, testers, networking and infrastructure and DBA support skills,” Mr Burley said.

Business growth is the main reason employers are recruiting with 34% of employers catering for new projects; 21% for increasing customer demand; and 18% for increased internal business.

“Employers are telling us they feel much more confident, that predominantly they are bolstering headcount to meet new business – not because they are trying to replace lost people and ease the load on overworked staff.”

Permanent recruitment activity is highest in Auckland ,with Wellington offering more for contractors.

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