NZX reverts to old website after upgrade goes awry

What happened?

NZX debuted a new-look website this morning, only to quickly revert to its old site.

" experienced performance issues this morning as part of an upgrade to its website," says head of communications Hannah Lynch.

"These issues were rectified prior to market open with our development team switching back to our previous website as a precaution."

Meanwhile, the new-look site can still be viewed via

"NZX has been running both websites in parallel for some time, and will transition to the upgraded website once we are comfortable with its performance," Ms Lynch says.

Asked for the key features of the new site, the comms head said, "The upgraded website has a simplified architecture and is mobile responsive."

There was no immediate word on when NZX will transition to the new site full time, or the web development company handling the work.


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