Orcon scraps Dotcom ads

Internet provider Orcon says it is scrapping Kim Dotcom as its spokes-celebrity due to electoral laws.

Orcon Chief executive Greg McAlister says Mr Dotcom’s involvement with the Internet Party means Orcon will risk breaching electoral laws if he continues to front for the brand.

Mr Dotcom’s Internet Party is six weeks from registration and is in talks with the Mana Party

The German internet enterpreneur was picked six months ago to lead the ads about restrictive data caps in what Mr McAlister says is the company’s most successful campaign to date.

He says Mr Dotcom was chosen as talent for the campaign because he is a valued Orcon customer.

“While Kim Dotcom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, he’s helped bring the topic of unlimited broadband to the forefront.

“There’s no doubt he gets attention and you can’t argue his passion for the internet.”

The advertising was cleared of an Ad Standards Complaint that its advertising mocked those in actual poverty, but the advertising body upheld a separate complaint regarding its fair use policy. Orcon appealed that decision.

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