Orcon's 'spam attack' solution fashionably late

Orcon customers forced to hunt for answers after spam attacks delay email services for weeks.

Spam attacks flooding servers of internet service provider Orcon have caused major slow-downs in transferring customer emails over the past few weeks.

Orcon customers have reported major delays in the time it takes for emails to be sent from one account to another, along with a majority of emails being filed automatically as ‘Spam’.

The issue has been ongoing for three weeks but was not brought to anybody’s attention until three weeks after the unusual activity began when customers began to contact the service provider.

According to their website, Orcon’s announcement regarding the issue had only been listed on Monday December 12.

Orcon’s chief executive officer Scott Bartlett told NBR that the situation had been resolved as of last night with the implementation of a new filtering system.

“We had been experiencing a number of Spam attacks over the past few weeks, [so] we put in place a new filtering system last night that looks to have stopped it completely.”

However, no further official updates have been made available on Orcon’s website regarding the situation’s resolution.

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