Outraged Finlayson says judge-critic Tony Molloy should quit QC rank

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson came out swinging this afternoon against senior lawyer Tony Molloy, calling on him to surrender his QC's warrant for attacking the judiciary.

Mr Finlayson, himself a lawyer, says Dr Molloy's criticism on New Zealand's justice system on NBR ONLINE is nothing more than "a vulgar, crude and intemperate attack on our judicial system".

A clearly outraged Mr Finlayson told NBR a debate can be properly had over matters such as specialisation and the responsiveness of the judicial system without descending to abuse.

Mr Finlayson says he is on record as supporting some form of judicial specialisation.

But he says Dr Molloy’s comments "are the sort of rubbish one would expect of a vexatious lay litigant".

"For one of our country’s most senior Queen’s Counsel to be making this kind of attack is deplorable," he says.

The best advice he could offer Dr Molloy is that "he should consider surrendering his warrant as a Queen’s Counsel".


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