POLL: NBR readers' verdict on govt's MightyRiver bonus share plan

Prime Minister John Key recently announced NZ investors' loyalty would be rewarded with bonus shares.

An overwhelming majority of NBR ONLINE subscribers believe the government is right to set aside a portion of Mighty River Power shares as a loyalty bonus for New Zealand investors.

In a poll conducted last week, readers were asked: Should the government be guaranteeing small parcels of shares for NZ investors in Mighty River Power?

Seventy-three percent voted yes, while 27% said no.

The plan was outlined at the recent National party conference, with Prime Minister John Key saying to qualify for a share bonus investors will probably have to hold their shares for three years.

Labour criticised the plan, saying if the bonus scheme was applied to all five state assets being sold it could cost up to $1 billion.

However, Mr Key said the details haven't been finalised yet, but the actual cost would likely be less than $100 million.  

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