Shopping site tweaks privacy-busting feature

Deal site 1Day has dropped a controversial feature that publicly revealed first names of buyers, and what they bought, on an interactive graphic.

The "watch people shop live" feature was roasted by one-time Trade Me advisor Lance Wiggs earlier this week, with Tech Liberty blogger Thomas Beagle also picking up the cause.

1Day "general lackey" Nerroly Hay told NBR this morning:

"The creation of ‘watch people shop live’ is a concept that given the response, is an addictive past-time.

"We were very mindful of our customer’s privacy at the time of launch but as a direct result to comments on Lance’s site, we are immediately taking action and giving our customers the option to opt in under an alias name."

In his Tuesday post, Mr Wiggs called the feature "completely unacceptable":

"It may be fine to show John from Waikato, or Tim from Auckland, but I suspect there is not more than one Kanwalpreet in Upper Hutt. That person has purchased something and had that information broadcast to the world, which, and I write without even looking at it, is clearly in breach of the Privacy Act."

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