Side deals cast doubt on Lochinver sale, looming 'Kyoto agreement for tax' and delayed Wherescape IPO defended

A series of transactions in Hong Kong and China have cast doubt on the eventual ownership of Lochinver station, NBR can reveal.

In today’s National Business Review, chief reporter Duncan Bridgeman uncovers another Chinese company, which, in the background is raising capital to potentially acquire the assets.

Elsewhere, a shift towards a far greater global tax regime is being labeled a “Kyoto agreement for tax.

Economics editor Rob Hosking dissects what this means for business in terms of information sharing and compliance costs.

In Technology Wherescape founder Michael Whitehead is denying he pulled the plug on an NZX listing due to poor demand. Chris Keall has the full story.

Fonterra reported a 76% slip in earnings this week, although total group revenue was up. Shoeshine looks at how the dairy co-operative’s biggest weapon is always its weakness.

Post-election power companies are breathing a sigh of relief as regulatory risk dampens. Business reporter Calida Smylie considers what threats lie ahead for gentailers.

Court reporter Victoria Young exposes how the sixth biggest recipient of legal aid this year had run into trouble with the IRD and couldn't pay staff. 

Kiwifruit growers are picking up the tab for what is being called a “significant review” of their industry. Agribusiness reporter Jamie Ball assesses what the review is doing.

In Order Paper, political editor Rob Hosking reviews Election 2014 and discusses what next for National.

Meanwhile gold prices have taken a hit, failing to capitalise on world turmoil. Editor-in-chief Nevil Gibson outlines what this means.

While the cost of Auckland City Rail Link has been quoted as $2.86 billion, Bryan Leyland questions why this figure hasn’t been updated and argues the rail tunnel is not needed.

The election is over but was the advertising well regulated? Ad Media reporter Campbell Gibson dissects the campaigns reviewed by the Advertising Standards Authority.

“I had never seen a man so focused, Or so able to strip a challenge to its essence,” writes Rodney Hide in his latest column about Prime Minster John Key.


  • In Initiative Matters, Eric Crampton looks at how New Zealand must stay away from global madness and maintain it’s “outside of the asylum status.”
  • Property editor Chris Hutching reviews one of the most significant Wellington leases of the year – five floors for public servants in Featherston Street.
  • Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager steps up for an NBR ONLINE Ask Me Anything.

All this and more in today’s National Business Review. Out now.

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