Innovative six green star building opens in Parnell

The property consists of several separate buildings. It is this innovation which has won it the Green Building Council rating.

New Zealand’s first new-build six green star rated office building has opened in Auckland's Parnell.

The Geyser is owned by NBR Rich Lister Michael Friedlander’s Sampson Corporation and has 24 offices and six retail/hospitality spaces.

Sampson Corporation general manager Marco Creemers declined to comment on the cost of the build.

The property consists of several separate buildings. It is this innovation which has scored a six green star rating from the Green Building Council.

Pattersons & Associates director Andrew Patterson says getting a five green star rating is based on an empirical system, where buildings got points for features such as bike racks or water recycling capabilities.

“But to get that sixth star you need to have an international innovation. We sliced the building and then ended up with a building of separate parts. This creates light and air around the whole tenancy.”

This development means the property uses half the amount of artificial lighting and water, and nearly two-thirds less energy than a typical building of its size.

"But because of the cost of the system our clients chose not to use it."

Other features of the property include state-of-the-art eco technology which enables the building to heat itself by trapping warm air in the walls.

It also has an automated car-stacking machine and encourages cycling to work by having bike racks, lockers and showers.

Green Building Council chief executive office Alex Cutler says businesses in New Zealand will start to make a statement about their commitment to the planet.

“Much of the focus of green buildings is on benefits such as energy and water savings but just as important is the quality of the working and living environment.”

However, Mr Patterson says there are other new eco-friendly buildings in Auckland which have not been assessed for a green star rating simply because the developers chose not to bother with it.

“We design a lot of buildings which have no green star rating, such as the Anvil building. I would be hopeful that Anvil would receive a rating if it was assessed." 

"Because of the cost of the system some of our clients choose not to use it."

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